About Riskified

Our boilerplate aka official company description

Riskified (NYSE:RSKD) empowers businesses to unleash ecommerce growth by outsmarting risk. Many of the world’s biggest brands and publicly traded companies selling online rely on Riskified for guaranteed protection against chargebacks, to fight fraud and policy abuse at scale, and to improve customer retention. Developed and managed by the largest team of ecommerce risk analysts, data scientists and researchers, Riskified’s AI-powered fraud and risk intelligence platform analyzes the individual behind each interaction to provide real-time decisions and robust identity-based insights. Riskified was named to CNBC's World’s Top Fintech Companies in 2024. Learn more at riskified.com.



Our logo highlights positivity and growth.
The letters are bold and round to convey confidence and friendliness.
The checkmark symbol represents approved orders. Our symbol is dynamic - when rotated, it changes from a checkmark to the letter ‘r’.
The logotype should be used consistently in all channels and formats. It should not be modified in any way - its original proportions, spacing, orientation, color, and composition should remain as specified in these guidelines.

  • Scale the full logotype proportionally according to different formats and platforms
  • Maintain the minimum clear space 
around the logotype. It can be increased, 
but not reduced.
  • Don’t Crop the logotype or place it without sufficient clear space around it
  • Don’t change the logotype’s original proportions, spacing and orientation
  • Full color logotype

    Use on dark blue, black, white, and light grey colors
  • White logotype
    Use on various colors and on background images
  • Don’t Color or mask the logotype
  • Don’t use the full color logotype on background images / colors other than dark blue, white and light grey


The symbol derives from our logotype. Its concept is dynamic - when rotated, it changes from a checkmark to the letter ‘r’. The symbol can be used for multiple purposes from swag to a browser favicon.

We have set specific rules for when the symbol is used as an avatar (usually on social media) in a square or circle format.

The checkmark from our logotype never appears as a stand alone, only as part of the logotype.

Partnership lockup

When showcasing partnerships or collaborations, we lock up the Riskified logo with a partner’s logo by placing an “X” between them. On a white/bright background the logos should be in their original colors, and on a dark background the logos should be white.
The logos lockup should be used consistently in all channels and formats and should not be modified - their proportions, spacing, orientation, colors and composition should remain as specified in these guidelines.



Proxima Nova is our primary font and it’s a central part of our brand language. We use it in everything we create (web, print, marketing, documents etc).


Proxima Nova Bold


Proxima Nova Regular

Simplified Chinese


Noto Sans SC Bold


Noto Sans SC Regular



Noto Sans JP Bold


Noto Sans JP Regular


שלום עולם

Assistant Bold

שלום עולם

Assistant Regular


Riskified has six primary colors that contribute to the brand identity.

Green = Positivity
We think of fraud prevention as an engine for growth. We empower merchants to safely approve more orders and grow their top line. We also reduce costs and protect profitability.

Blue = Technology
The essence of what we do is leveraging machine learning to eliminate risk, so naturally it’s important for us to represent technology in our branding.

Data visualization

Good data visualization helps to tell stories in a clear, accessible and effective way.
Our guide provides a visual outline of common chart types, color principles and best practices.


Our icons provide clarity using simplistic minimalistic shapes. They are meant to be easily and quickly understood without relying on words.


We believe illustration is a powerful tool that can convey complex ideas and create engaging, memorable stories.
Our Illustrations are directly connected to our other brand visuals - for example, a grid that contains risky data points can be used as a pattern on the shirt of a declined customer.
We use illustrations for blog posts, guides & reports, infographics, internal materials (like wellness & CSR), animations and sometimes decks when appropriate.

Editorial guide

Riskified’s editorial style guide provides you with an easy-to-use source of truth for brand voice, grammar, and punctuation. Its goal is to help you feel empowered and confident when you write. It will help you sort out sticky grammar and punctuation rules, which makes you look smart. It helps you create consistency in your communications, which builds trust. (And maybe, just maybe, you’ll have fun in this guide along the way!)



Presentation: Starter deck

Our presentation template is suitable for various needs: QBRs, team meetings, proposals, workshops and more. The template allows any employee at the company to create on-brand, professional, data driven presentations.

Keynote presentation: Stage Starter deck

Our keynote presentation template is built for a stage; it’s suitable for speaking ops., workshops, conferences etc. The darker background allows for a more pleasant viewing experience on a large screen. Text should minimal, leaving space for bigger visuals / shapes / graphs etc.

Document: Starter Doc

A template for creating clean, on-brand documents.

Starter Doc

Spreadsheet: Starter Sheet

A template for creating on-brand graphs.